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Nagaari - Arya (Audio) || Feat. Rohith Chandrasekar, Amogh Param & Kavya Atreya

Arya is a two song release consisting of:
1) Karuna (feat. Rohith Chandrasekar & Amogh Param)
2) Bantu (feat. Kavya Atreya)

Streaming and download links coming soon!

1) Rohith Chandrasekar - Vocals (Karuna)
2) Amogh Param Param - Guitar (Karuna)
3) Kavya Atreya - Vocals (Bantu)
4) Koushik Viswanathan - Album artwork
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Nagaari - Music composition and production

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Nagaari - Sikhara (feat. Varijashree Venugopal)

Śikhara is the Sanskrit word for mountain peak. This Carnatic and electronic dance music fusion in Keeravani and allied ragas, attempts to capture the journey to the summit. It takes small steps and persistence to climb the insurmountable challenges we face.


Varijashree Venugopal - Vocals

Voice recorded at Laya Digi Bengaluru, Pramath Kiran - Sound engineer

Nagaari - Music composition and production


Manohari (feat. Rithesh Iyer & Gaurav Murti)

Manohari is an instrumental track in Natabhairavi raga.


Rithesh Iyer - Tabla

Gaurav Murti - Whistling

Nagaari - Music composition and production



Nagaari is an experimental music project by Sarath Ramadurgam that brings together Carnatic (south Indian) classical music and electronic dance music. It also includes musical elements inspired from western classical, dubstep and metal. The project began 2015 and has evolved since then through collaboration with many talented singers and musicians. The first single, Sikhara, is out now!



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